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Custom Telephony Solutions - How can they help you?


Core voice platforms (PBX's, Dealer Boards/Turrets, Intercom Systems, Speaker Systems, Voice Recorders and the like) satisfy the majority of Banks core voice communications needs. However, it is difficult, time consuming, expensive and technically risky to try to adapt these stable core platforms to meet the special needs of an individual bank.

Using our own CTI architecture and platform, Miton Systems and Tecbridge are able to provide specialised call processing and functionality without disturbing core voice platforms - and we can do it faster, cheaper and more safely. Applications range from complex conferencing, solving awkward integration problems, providing browser-based call control functions and generally extending the functionality of existing trusted but inflexible voice platforms. We also supply specialized stand-alone systems, for example specialized Hoot'n'Holler Bridges.

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Did you know...

Miton Systems Ltd

Miton Systems Ltd and Tecbridge Ltd are Alliance Partners in global finance markets. Miton is a respected leader in the field of CTI technology and is independent of any mainstream CTI component manufacturer. Our Alliance fuses the best expertise available to satisfy solve niche voice and telecommunications requirements. We offer a unique service to both Banks and banking equipment vendors to deliver custom telecommunications solutions quickly, efficiently and painlessly.


Introduction to CTI Technology

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a mature technology which enables Computers to intelligently process calls in some way. Feature and capability sets commonly include:-


Dial in and dial out using a wide variety of telecom protocols and VOIP

Call Routing

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Rich Conferencing

Voice Recording

Standard PBX functionality

Traditional CTI architectures were commonly built around Industrial PC's populated with a range of third party voice processing cards. Despite standards intended to promote the integration of cards from different manufacturers, in practice most CTI vendors have been forced to adopt cards from only one or two manufacturers.

Miton has adopted an entirely different approach, assisted by the phenomenal increase in processing power of core. PC platforms over recent years. Rather than relying on third-party voice processing cards, Miton's VOIP+PLUS architecture performs core voice processing functions on the PC's own processor. The Miton architecture gives rise to an awesome list of benefits when compared with ageing CTI architectures, as shown in the table below:-


Architecture comparison


Conventional CTI Architecture

Miton VOIP+Plus Architecture


High. Uses expensive third-party voice processing cards

Low. Uses commodity PC and economical telco interfaces cards only


Good, but relies on immaculate hardware quality to achieve adequate reliability. Uses fragile ribbon cable for key interconnections between voice processing cards. Voice processing cards result in very high system component count.

Excellent - no ribbon cables and low component count. Low component count = less components to go wrong.


High - many points of single point failure can down whole system

Low - distributed architecture makes redundancy a practical strategy in many cases, but always minimises service loss because one failure doesn't down the whole system

Maintenance Strategy

Embarrassing. Either keep a redundant chassis on hot-standby at extreme cost, or risk a technician pulling a PC to pieces to replace a component part which may or may not work when put into service.

Redundant hardware is economical at a chassis rather than component level. Depending on application, full fall-back redundancy may be possible. Where this is not possible, restoring service is a simple matter of cable swapping.


Complex and very expensive where implemented


Hidden Software

Highly reliant on hidden 'middleware' from multiple vendors. which is outside the control of the CTI vendor.

Very little hidden 'middleware'. Almost all layers of code are accessible to Miton to customize in order to meet special requirements.


Limited by the functionality available on standard, third-party voice processing cards

Nearly all software layers are accessible to Miton, and can therefore be customized to meet non-standard requirements


Likely to involve hardware and configuration changes to live servers.

Addition of additional chassis-level hardware. Invasive hardware changes to live servers is typically not required.


High density architecture typically means total service loss while repairs/expansion is carried out

Possible to work on parts of system while not disturbing rest of system

Spares Strategy

Card level. Card replacement requires specialist technician. Risk of damage to live servers. Chassis-level spares impossibly expensive

Chassis level. Individual chassis are cost effective, and can be kept running on 'hot standby' to assure continued integrity


Needs very expensive add-on cards with expensive per-port licence models.

Inherent. No third-party licence fees (apart from some codec licences)


When to call in Tecbridge

You need some special function to do with the PSTN, Dealer Boards, PBX's, Intercom, Conference Bridges or voice distribution

The functionality can't be squeezed from incumbent platforms a realistic cost or in a realistic timescale

The functionality you need can't easily be delivered on your existing platforms without risky and lengthy developments on a primary platform

You need respected expertise which is not going to flunk up or deliver late!

Appraising your CTI Application

We will work with you to understand your needs and the constraints of your existing voice systems to find a solution. With a strong reputation for innovation, we welcome the opportunity to contribute at an early stage, and ensure you are fully versed with all the tools at our disposal, and how we can deploy then to meet a special requirement.

To arrange an initial consultation, please contact

Tecbridge Professional Sales.



Meet the Team

Tecbridge Ltd has unparalleled experience and expertise operating in the Financial Industry for a decade to deliver a series of innovative and class-leading voice architectures, technologies and switch products.

Miton Systems Ltd has unparalleled expertise in the specialised field of CTI solutions having been at the forefront of CTI technology for over a decade.

Working as an alliance, we offer a unique service to the finance industry to design and deploy custom telecommunications solutions at a price and in a timescale you will not find elsewhere. Our CTI solutions are available to both banks and their voice equipment vendors wishing to satisfy their customers need for special functionality but without the risk and cost of modifying mature infrastructure to deliver it.