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Tecbridge Ltd has provided specialised voice and data expertise to the finance industry for over a decade. Our expertise lies in the obscure World of "Broadcast Voice", typically systems which employ large numbers of loudspeakers in a confined trading room space and including so-called "Hoot'n'Holler" systems. Tecbridge has pioneered several industry-leading technologies in this field including the lowest latency VOIP technology available in the World today. Tecbridge has worked with major equipment vendors and Banks to design and roll -out of countless Global Hoot'n'Holler systems.

Voice Challenges in the Trading Environment

Trading floor systems are in a state of constant flux, driven both by changing business requirements and shifting new technology. Banks seeking to take advantage of the latest networking and telecommunications technologies must address the potential issues of how changing network performance can affect the performance of its key voice systems.

Loud speaking open voice trading systems generally employ much technology derived from the Telecommunications industry - a good idea in principal. However, the acoustic performance of open voice systems involves a very different set of technical requirements to those required for a handset-based telephone call. When networks change, the performance of open voice systems dependent on the network can also change. The network components may be specified to be "Telco Grade", but that does not mean they are necessarily adequate when put to uses they were not originally intended for.

Who takes ultimate responsibility for the acoustic performance of an open voice system which uses an equipment vendor's desk equipment, a carrier's bandwidth and some of the Bank's own IT infrastructure? When systems do not work as expected it is commonly the Bank who needs to bang heads together until a solution is found.

The successfully deployment and upgrade of open voice trading systems is dependent on the recognition of the special nature of such systems and the need to ensure appropriate technical skills and expertise are brought to bare in their design and enactment.

How Tecbridge can help you


Planning stage audit of voice systems solutions and identification of possible voice quality issues


Recommendation, Specification and Supervision of any special testing that may be prudent


Deployment stage verification of essential performance parameters of network and components


In-service identification and isolation of acoustic anomalies and aberrations


Post-deployment dispute resolution


Tecbridge Provides its technical services to Carriers, Equipment Vendors and Banks on a non-exclusive basis.

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