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Specialised Bridge Products for Hoot'n'Holler Systems

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Equipment upgrade for increased resilience, reliability and maintainability

Senior Voice Managers within Banks

System expansion


Bridging between desk-top Hoot distribution systems

Primary Voice Contractors to Banks

Critical Low Latency applications

System Integrators

Hoot over VOIP integration and implementation






Miton's dedicated Hoot'n'Holler bridges offer the lowest latency of any bridge in the world. Our granular, distributed architecture and resilient VoE backbone avoids the huge risks and high maintenance cost of so-called "high density" bridge architectures. We segregate complex functionality and host it on totally independent modules for maximum system reliability and integrity.

Miton's alliance with Tecbridge Ltd brings world class expertise in the design and deployment of Hoot'n'Holler systems on a global scale. Bridges often lie at the heart of business-critical voice networks. Banks have much to gain from working with an independent provider of this crucial system component who can work with the Bank to help ensure the success of its Hoot'n'Holler network as whole.

By specifying a Miton bridge, you are buying into::

        Independent World-class expertise at the core of your H&H network

        Lowest latency solutions around

        Low-risk granular architecture - free from "big bang" failures

        A dedicated design - not an adaptation

        Escape from being beholden to a single global supplier

        Independent expertise at the point where Voice equipment meets your WAN