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Incorporated in 1999, Tecbridge Ltd delivers a range of products and technical services to three principal markets: Global Finance; the European Electronics Industry and UK estate agents. Tecbridge is also active in adapting and applying its specialised voice products in the defense industry.

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In 2003 Tecbridge embarked on a major expansion of its activities. In the finance sector it moved from being a provider of advanced technology solely to OEM's and commenced marketing its capabilities to all sectors in finance, including banks, consultancies, system integrators and prime equipment contractors.

Consultancy Services in Hoot/n/Holler and other open voice systems.

Miton Systems Ltd - experts in Computer Telephony Integration technology

2003 saw Tecbridge form a key strategic alliance with Miton Systems Ltd, an independent provider of advanced telecommunications and conferencing solutions to all markets. The alliance is intended to deliver vertical focus on the finance market and to significantly broaden the technology base of both companies.


Tecbridge also entered the Estate Agent market with a range of screen-based interactive advertising systems. Tecbridge also developed and patented a unique printout device allowing Estate Agents to provide printed material to clients 24x7. In July 2006 the company modernised its web sites, and Estate Agency products and systems now benefits from a dedicated web site at http://www.tecview.co.uk

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Printed Circuit Board

Printed Circuit Boards ( PCB's)

In late 2007 Tecbridge extended its range of services and products to the Electronics Industry by supplying Printed Circuit Boards (PCB 's) to both the UK and European electronics industry. Tecbridge Circuits key focus is providing very low cost printed circuit boards without sacrificing quality. Our product range extends from simple single sided PCB 's, double sided PTH PCB 's to to multilayer printed circuit boards up to 20 layers. Tecbridge Circuits has a dedicated web site at www.tecbridgecircuits.co.uk and features an instant on-line Printed Circuit Board price calculator

Printed Circuit Board  

Specialisations and Technologies

Voice Technology in Finance

Open Voice Systems in the Finance Industry

Electro-Acoustic Performance

Voice Systems Diagnostics

Conferencing Systems

Voice Recording

Telco Protocols

VOIP Technology

Protocols - H.323 - SIP - proprietary


Low-Latency proprietary VOIP Protocols

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology

Hardware design




Microprocessor & Micro controller



Software design

Assembler, C, C++, C#, VB,.NET, ASP, PHP

WIN2K XP Linux

Database Design and Implementation


MS SQL Server

Systems Design

Project Management

IT support for SME's and professional business
Hardware, Software and Systems Design Services